Cocktails & Shots

Alien Sky 179kc

Sweet tasting of Cherry Brandy Light Rum,
orange and pineapple juice with a dash of
Curacao to give that different sky it’s
Alien  look.

Sex on the Beach 179kc

Equal measures of Vodka and Peach Vodka
shaken over ice with Grenadine and orange
juice. A great tropical thirst quencher.


Long Island Iced Tea 245kc

Equal measures of five white spirits with dash of
orange juice topped up with pepsi. Can you name

Green Eyes 179kc

A citrus delight mixed with Vodka, Blue Caracao
and orange it turns green really when you shake it.


Pina Colada 179kc

Equal measures of White Rum, Coconut Liquer shaken with
pineapple juice and whipped cream. Great taste of the Caribbean.

Wild Irish Rose 179kc

Shot of Teeling whiskey with sour mix and Grenadine
shaken and then some soda added to give it that Irish Rose sparkle.

Kilbeggan Mill 179kc

Shot of Kilbeggan with a hint of apple and honey shaken, then some
tonic added to give it a bitter taste.

Mojito 179kc

True taste of the Caribbean White Rum, Soda Water some mint
and lime quarts  to give it a great refreshing taste.

Whiskey Sour 179kc

Simple it has a shot of American Bourbon, sour mix and lime juice, shaken,
it’s a refreshing and different way to drink Bourbon.

Mint White Russia 179kc

Equal measures of Vodka, Kahlua and Creme de Menthe topped up with

White Russian 179kc

If you don’t like Creme de Menthe then just have it without.



B52 125kc

Equal measures of Kahlua, Bailey’s and Cointreu
Light it up if you dare.


Baby Guiness 125kc

Bit more Kahlua than Bailey’s.
Mini version of the black stuff for some taste even better.


Jekyll and Hyde 125kc

Equal measures of Sambuca and Jagermeister
There are two faces to everybody,
drink this and check out your other face.


Oatmeal Cookie 125kc

Equal measures of Baileys and Jagermeister. You can judge if it
looks or tastes like oatmeal.

Flatliner 125kc

Equal measures of Tequila and Sambuca,
more than a few drops of tabasco
Just like the movie why not check out the other


Irish Flag  125kc

Peppermint, Bailey’s and Brandy
Irish Tricolour in a shot glass.


Snake Bite 125kc

Jack Daniels with Lime Juice

Slippery Nipple 125kc

Sambuca, Bailey’s and Grenadine

Blue Kamikaze 125kc

Vodka, Blue Curacao and Lime Juice

Italia 90 125kc

Jameson and Amaretto